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Multifarious pure/100% cotton yarn (7s—200/2), stretch cotton, ordinary peach, carbon peach, silk-like finishing, oxford, chambray, nanometer finishing, etc.
Linen, polyester, brocade, silk, viscose, Tencel, modal, organic cotton, bamboo fiber, recycle polyester, moisture absorption and sweat discharge fiber, etc.
Nanometer anti-wrinkle, cool-dry, natural elastic, Teflon, ultraviolet-proof, antibacterial deodorant, anti-wrinkle, liquid ammonia finishing, etc.
Leno, clip cord, top dyed, jacquard, slub yarn, space dye, seersucker fabric, crape, double layer, bright yarn, metallic yarn, color spot, jet dyeing, chenille, fluorescence, etc.
Aerowash, printing, pigment print, paper coating, film coating, snow wash, hamp bleach, stone wash, full decator, flocking, gold-spraying and silver-spraying, fleece&shearing, overdye, etc.
Trousering coat class TR, cotton wool, various thick fabrics
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[The true]The true about sandy land lies in "Leigou" sculptured by the ever-flowing sand-and-soil-carrying current; the true about "Leigou" comes from the charm nurtured by thousand years of weaving practice.
In the early Northern Song Dynasty, Leigou witnessed the land emerge from sand. In the lost year of Song Dynasty, "Leigou Cloth" became available on the looms of every household. By the Qianlong period in the Qing Dynasty, it began to take shape. During the reign of Guangxu, it gained good fame across the capital city and was exported to as for as the south seas. By the Republican period...

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