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Born on the eve of the reform and opening up, Jinling Textile grasps the opportunity to keep pace with the time and develop itself prosperously; with the help of different people, Jinling Textile inherits the essence of “Leigou Large Cloth”; as the whole industrial chain moves smoothly, Jinling Textile determines to make a huge success.
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The true about sandy land lies in "Leigou" sculptured by the ever-flowing sand-and-soil-carrying current; the true about "Leigou" comes from the charm nurtured by thousand years of weaving practice.

In the early Northern Song Dynasty, Leigou witnessed the land emerge from sand. In the lost year of Song Dynasty, "Leigou Cloth" became available on the looms of every household. By the Qianlong period in the Qing Dynasty, it began to take shape. During the reign of Guangxu, it gained good fame across the capital city and was exported to as for as the south seas. By the Republican period, "Leigou Cloth" could be found in common place while maintaining a competitive edge. Since New Chino was founded in 1949 and especially up to the eve of China's reform and opening up, it vigorously grew into "Jinling Textile" covering a set of sectors including spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing and garment making, etc, which links up to one another carrying thousand years of heritage.

The nature and origin of "Jinling Textile" manifest itself in the simplistic elegance of all objects true in the influence of all things true as well as in the diligence of all people true, as historical facts suggest. It is fair to say it will prosper in all eternity.

That which is true reveals integrity in people, clarity and merit in all things; that which is good, like water, lays foundation for business and becomes source of development; that which is beautiful, fruit of creation, renders happiness and heralds bright prospect. Splendor magnifies, momentum thrives, and happiness comes as the three meet.

Drawing the quintessence of the eight millennium history of Dongshan village relics doting back to the Neolithic Age, sitting alongside the magnificent Yangtze river, "Jinling people" carry on Leigou predecessors' dedication and dexterity for the work of loom, accumulate power through evolution, gather strength by innovation and embrace diversity. Threads weave into cloth and brocade, bring warmth in the winter and freshness in the summer; in manufacturing and cultivating, colorful legends echo throughout the journey

Born on the eve of the reform and opening-up, "Jinling Textile" advances itself with the times, makes all efforts to forge ahead through the support and unification of people; it adheres to Leigou Textile heritage and Leigou Large Cloth culture, keeps enriching Leigou culture achievement and gathers strength to push Leigou forward.——Much is attained against the delightful sound of loom, greatness is born in the creation of dough; new products from the research unit win credit and praise, and biochemical technologies help boost expanses. Incorporating R&D, trade, spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing and garment-making, the industry chain operates smoothly at top speed, depicting a rosy picture...

It strives to serve the country by building industry, and do good through spreading love. Abiding by the philosophy of "social responsibility is the foothold of enterprise" and adhering to the concept of "innovation creates value", Jinling people attach great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation, perform charity and repay society, conscientiously practice the value of true, good and beauty, unite in a concerted effort to weave future.

Since its embryo till this day, "Leigou" represents doing good deeds and cultivating morality. At the beginning, countryman took up spinning and weaving simply to keep themselves warm; in the struggle against adversity, they maintained as pure as orchid. After "Leigou Large Cloth" came into being, a strong sense of responsibility was fostered, prompting them to make contribution to the country. In the following a few hundred years, women engaged in weaving and men were involved in the shipping, making Leigou a place that all were in the cloth business. After that, the Cloth progressed through the founding of the New China and opening up. The good act of serving country by developing industry has put "Leigou Brand" on a larger map...

Upholding the principle of life and business operation that "trust wins people and sincerity wins trust", the enduring Jinling people continue to broaden the culture of "Leigou Large Cloth" and promote the do-good culture of "Jinling Texile" style. On the social affair front, it has a high sense of responsibility, advocates environmental protection as well as public benefit activities; to customers, it shares interests and risks with them and always seeks win-win results; to staff, it takes good care of them, implementing five culture projects and advocates harmony.

That who do good is rooted in high morals. With three aspects combined, the business is bound to boom.




Imagine it in the past: people farming lands, digging ditches and cultivating cotton, depicts the beauty of industriousness and pioneering spirit; people fluffing cotton, twisting silver, reeling yarn and weaving cloth, speaks the beauty of deftness and compassion.

Take a close look at the present: Jinling Textile valiantly stands at the forefront of the time, leading fashion in fitness and beauty, pulls together sources in the world, and creates market with infinite potential. In pursuit of "health comes first and beauty lasts forever". Jinling people, armed with a global perspective, act on the philosophy of learning from one another, practice the doctrine of truth, good and beauty...

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